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Branding &  Identity Design

We help businesses create brands that people can be proud to represent and advocate. Branding creates the whole experience that make your customers love you.

What is a Brand?

A brand is the unique identity of your business, just like you have your own. Everyone has their own quirks and personalities. It’s what makes you stand out, and it’s what makes people gravitate around you. Staying true to your identity, having a clear and unique brand enables people to develop a connection with your business, which turns them from a visitor to an advocate. Your brand becomes the driving force guiding you in every aspect of your business.


The Narrative

Together, we’ll collaborate to uncover and develop your brand message, character traits and unique style. All of which will embody the personality, voice, and look of your brand. These are the elements that will resonate to your audience the most, set you apart from the competition. This can be likened to a person’s personality, attitude, mindset and beliefs. This is the internal components of your brand.

Brand Guide

Having brand guidelines ensure that your brand stays consistent regardless of where your customer base interacts with it and that your unique style is applied correctly everywhere you use it. Having guidelines provides specific instructions on how to implement the style of your brand on all forms of marketing material. We will help create logo specifications, guidelines for typography, colour palettes, iconography, image style and more.

Visual Identity

If The Narrative is the inner workings of your brand, Visual Identity is the external presentation of your brand, which forms people’s  feeling and brand perception. This is everything that can be seen and touched and where the old saying “Make a good impression” applies. Visual identity forms the overall design framework of  a brand which can consists of the name, logo, graphics elements, colours palettes, typography, iconography,

Marketing & Brand Assets

Consistency is key in building and growing your brand. Marketing materials such as social media posts, website, printed materials and brand assets such as packaging, staff uniforms, should all be consistent with your branding. The more your target audience see and recognise you, the stronger your relationship with them becomes. Trust and confidence is built.


Deeper than you expected…

A clear and unique brand can save you from costly wrong decisions. Knowing your brand helps you know who to align your brand with, which company you get involved with, what charity you work with. If they don’t follow the same belief and vision as your brand, then there’s no way you should align yourself with them.

Everyone in your company should live and breathe your brand, that way, your brand is consistently practised in every customer touchpoints. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Graphics Design.

Marketing & Brand Collaterals

Professionally and creatively designed to serve the purpose of achieving your business goal and to help build, solidify and grow your brand both digitally and on print.

Business Cards

Leaflet and Flyers

Social media ads and Posts


Signage and Banners

T-shirts and Uniforms

Designed to make your brand thrive!

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