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Modern Websites For Real Estate Agents and Property Management.

Captivate your buyers, tenants or investors with a website that is crafted using the latest technology. Engage their imagination and immerse them into a virtual experience of your real estates. We optimise and care for your website so you don’t have to, which allows you to focus on closing more  deals.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Technology We Use.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media


An estimated 172 million websites are active and 75 million of those websites are built using WordPress. Big brands such as The Walt Disney, Sony Music, Time Inc and many more, even celebrities such as Beyoncé, and Usain Bolt’s website are built using the same platform. Naturally, we use WordPress to build website solutions for your real estate agency.

Virtual Tours.

Immerse your potential buyers, investors and tenants using the latest technology to enhance their experience of browsing through properties before they even leave the comfort of their homes. Surprisingly enough, many real estate agents are still behind and are not employing the latest technology available to their advantage. We take advantage of this technology to help enhance user experience and increase conversion rate.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media
Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Search Engine Friendly.

Search engines are portals that allow us to visit almost any website available on the internet. However, for search engines to be able to find your website and begin to index it, your website must be search engine friendly. We recommend that all websites must have a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to give your website the best chances of ranking in search engines which means the more a website ranks, the more exposure it has to relevant users. All websites we create are search engine friendly and we also offer Search Engine Optimisation services.

Leave the rest to us!

Keeping your website always up to date is very important to make sure that it is secure and running properly. Let us take the endless tasks of keeping your website updated.

We will

Install Updates

Make Regular Backups

Improve Website Performance

Keep Website Secure

Is your website representing your brand in the right way? Is it performing as it should be? Improve your website or start a new one with the help of our creative website team with whose passion is to grow your business. Fill out the form below to get started.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Responsive Websites.

Did you know that more than 78% of searches are performed on smartphones? That’s why it is only standard that all websites we design are responsive. This means, your website will adapt on most devices to display the information in an easier way for the user.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Bringing visitors to your website is not enough, there must be a method to increase the chances of conversion from a visitor to a customer. We can help implement Conversion Rate Optimisation methods to help drive growth to your business.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Voice Search Optimisation.

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are getting better and are being used more often affecting how search are being done and according to statistics, voice search is here to stay, therefore, we must also adapt to the new way. We can help optimise your website contents for voice search making it easier for virtual assistants to read your contents.

Growth Centric Websites.

A website by itself cannot automatically contribute to the growth of your business. Your website must be coupled with a strategy to bring traffic such as a mixture of digital marketing and traditional marketing methods. Our web designs are not only designed with users in mind but also with the growth of your business in mind, therefore, we align your business goals with our web design.

Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media
Real Estate Web Design Eminence Digital Media

Feature Rich Websites.

The websites we design are feature rich according to the needs and goals of your business. We can add features such as blog, videos, image galleries, contact form with captcha, client testimonials, payment gateways, e-commerce, social media integration, support ticketing system and more!



We can help you choose, set up and design your ideal e-commerce website with integrated payment gateways and optimised for search engines and conversion.

Domain & Hosting

From choosing your domain to registering and setting up your secure hosting, you can count on us and the expertise of our dedicated partner.


We know that having peace of mind is very important for you and for your business as you grow your business daily, we are here to support you with our expertise.