Branding and brand identity

Your identity that resonates with real people.

Branding is about creating a unique identity that connects with people and resonates with your vision, mission and beliefs. It is your company’s unique identity which creates and nurtures brand advocates.

Branding and Brand Strategy Eminence Digital Media
Branding and Brand Strategy Eminence Digital Media

Logo Design and Identity Systems.

A successful logo grabs attention, creates a response, expresses meaning and memorable. Each logo design we make are based on your company’s brand identity that we will help you to discover and develop. After all, your logo has to embody your brand to represent it appropriately and make it stand out from all the noise in your industry.

Marketing & Brand Collateral.

 Consistency is one of the keys for a successful brand. Your business collaterals are no exception. From your business card, uniform, envelopes, letter headings, signage, environmental design, and etc. All to the way to how you greet your customers/clients, your branding has to be applied and carried out at all touchpoints because brands are not just seen but they are experienced. We will help you to create an array of print and digital campaigns ensuring your brand voice is amplified on all touchpoints.

Branding and Brand Strategy Eminence Digital Media

Speak To Us.

Branding and Brand Strategy Eminence Digital Media

Brand messaging, Character traits and style.

We will work collaboratively to discover and develop your brand message, character traits, and style which includes the personality, voice and look of your brand. This is what resonates to your audience which also embodies and represented by your logo.

Brand Guidelines.

 Ensuring that your brand stays consistent and are applied correctly everywhere you use it. Having guidelines gives a specific instruction on what your brand can be applied and what works well when applying your brand. We will help create logo specifications, guidelines for typography, colour, iconography, image style and more.

Branding and Brand Strategy Eminence Digital Media