About Us Eminence Digital Media
About Us Eminence Digital Media
About Us Eminence Digital Media

Great Designs. Creative Solutions.

“…I got annoyed at seeing people and businesses paying large sums of money only to get badly designed websites!”

My name is Lester, founder of Eminence Digital Media. I took the risk and jumped head-on to do justice to websites that were designed with lack of imagination, at the same time, helping them to stand-out from the competition (I know that sounds a bit cliche) and become acknowledged in their respective field, hence the name, Eminence.


About Us Eminence Digital Media
About Us Eminence Digital Media

Visually Pleasing. Impressive first encounter.

It’s the 21st century, yet many business websites look like from the previous century.

We all agree that first impression is very important and we also agree that your website is your customer service representative 24/7, 365 days a year, yet most of the time it fails to make a good impression. Needless to say, you have also invested a hefty amount of time and money for it.

We always aim to creatively design your website, logo and brand identity, and your marketing collateral to captivate your audience while ensuring that all is aligned with your goals and brand message.

We are passionate about great designs.

Our Goal

Focused on making visually pleasing, creative, modern and artistic websites whilst ensuring it is elegantly simple for a brilliant user experience.


Designing logos and brand identities that are visually pleasing, artistic, attention-grabbing, creates a response, portrays the right meaning of the brand, and lastly, memorable.


Add value to our clients. We share our knowledge and insights to our clients to ensure that we are going above and beyond to help them succeed.


Your ‘go-to’ for all website design and website maintenance, logo and brand identity design. We like to be transparent and real. You can count on us to work hard to look after you and your projects.


We know our value and we are proud of the work we produce or else we wouldn’t dare present it at all.


Give back to our local community by regularly involving ourselves in noble causes that makes a great impact on our local community that promotes life transformation and helping people get the best of life.

About Us Eminence Digital Media
About Us Eminence Digital Media

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